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Do you remember when food used to taste amazing?  Days before the supermarkets piled in with their frozen, pre-packaged chemical concoctions.

I remember when my Granddad used to make even simple toast & butter taste incredible; thick slices of freshly baked bread, smothered in real salted butter and it used to taste… just oh so amazing!

But somewhere down the line, we’ve lost this.

It seems everyday food’s all about speed, microwaves and pre-packaged. What?

Day-to-day, we’ve now become used to bland, tasteless food, to the point where some basic fast food can even be classed as “tasty”.

I’m not having it…

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Celebrating Great British Empire Food & Drink.... one bite at a time!

…that’s why Chin! Chin! was born… to provide incredible tasting, fresh 'British Empire' influenced food to the good people of Bristol.

Our infusions of flavours, our attitude to bringing traditional tastes to life in a modern, yet nostalgic way and our ability to always “make room” for a pudding!

The problem is, the desire to keep the spirit of the British Empire’s food & drink alive and kicking, is slowly fizzling away…

But we’re making a stand against this.

We are Bristol’s only award-winning independent café bar & restaurant, Celebrating Great British Empire Food & Drink: “Chin! Chin!”

Come and get comfy in our quirky ‘shabby chic; surroundings. Think ‘gilt mirrors’, plump cushions, wooden floors and stained glass with vintage trinkets… get the idea?

Call 0117 973 9393 to book your table now!